Maximising your efficiency and value is our core purpose. We’re leading the industry through advancing technology, smart product innovations and outstanding service and we’re not stopping there….

With our powerful and dynamic procurement system, Freshmarkets, we now have purchasing power of £1BN+ across a wide range of non-food specialist categories with some of the UK’s key suppliers:

Whatever your sector, whatever your purchasing need, from building materials and hardware to food and beverages, from cleaning and hygiene to electrical and white goods, we’ve got you covered!

Gone is the archaic procurement model, paperwork piles and lack of control. By utilising our Freshmarkets solution you can consolidate ALL of your purchases into one single invoice. 

Protect your cashflow and control your spend with fixed prices lists and budget management whilst having full visibility of your order every step of the way with our online order tracking. 

We’re here to save you time and money, so what are you waiting for…

To find out more about our intelligent software solutions please contact our Group Sales Director, Steve Walker on 07837 212719 or email