Our Mission

EF-group’s mission is simple: delivering value, efficiency and quality to our partners and clients in everything we do. We’re not about superficiality here. We do what we say we’re going to do and we make sure to get it done.

With technological advances on our side, we're in the right position to solve whatever challenges come EF-group's way. Plus, we're all about imparting our knowledge and wisdom to others. That's why you'll find a focus on education and training here. Getting partners and clients up to speed with our market solutions is just one of EF-group's many passions.

But above all, we're committed to investing in you. We prefer action here. This means putting you at the centre of our success, empowering you in a way that optimises your business, your operations and your workplace like never before.

“No solution, service or function exists unnecessarily. We are resolutely focused on our clients’ needs, ensuring we provide genuine value.”

Our Brand Values


Being human means being yourself, and respecting that in others too. Be kind, considerate, understanding and approachable.
• Be real and approachable • Speak your mind • Trust each other • Be fair, caring and loyal • Don’t hide behind technology • Be a work in progress

the bar

OK is just OK. Good enough is usually not good enough. But raising the bar means maximising value for all.
• Take confident action • Seek to maximise value and efficiency • Collaborate, co-innovate, cooperate • Make people say “I wish I’d thought of that” • Provoke change


We go the extra mile, and then some.
• Delivery is king • Proactivity wins the day • Be confident, persistent and brave • Collective independence is our superpower • Be accountable

Lead & learn

To lead and learn together is to develop and succeed together.
• Co-family is our strength • Share openly • Empower each other • Keep learning • Be curious

the ride

Savour the whole experience.
• Have fun • Passion and confidence are contagious • Self-development is empowering • Celebrate success • Make office life count

Meet the Team

With software, you don't often meet the people behind the product, but we're humans too!

Paul Mizen

Chief Executive Officer

Kerry Pitt

Chief Strategy Officer

Andy North

Commercial Director

Steve Walker

Group Sales Director

Jason Mizen

E-Commerce Director

Caroline Ingram

Operations Director

Stephen Gallagher

Executive Director

Steve McFall

National Accounts Director

Charlie Huntington

Technical Operations Director

Rich Drury

Technical Director