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Working with 1,300 schools and universities across the UK, EF-group’s tech-first solutions and expertise give our education clients the freedom, reliability and flexibility to provide their students with fresh, nutritious meals every day of the week.

Whether it’s procuring food, cleaning products and stationery or supplying nutrition and allergen management software, we work alongside our education partners to deliver products, services, sustainability standards and compliance when they need it most. Combined with our CaterCloud platform, our affordable approach is perfect for schools and universities needing to balance the budget elsewhere.

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Nutritional and allergen menu management

Nutritional needs. Allergen awareness. Ethical concerns. Labelling compliance. Our system helps you create varied, balanced menus based on dietary needs and RDAs.

We’ll work together to build a secure local supply chain based around your needs and can integrate our solutions with other cloud-based software, such as CYPAD.

We offer full allergen training to school and university kitchen staff. And by partnering with LACA, Anaphylaxis, Allergen Accreditation and ISBA, our credentials speak for themselves.

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Cost Control

Working with EF-group, you’ll be able to keep costs under control without compromising on the quality of student meals, stationery, electricals or uniforms.

With our full benchmarking provision, you’ll be provided full oversight of ongoing spend and cost-cutting opportunities.

Whether controlled from head office or on site, with built-in recipe costing and budget management, our systems ensure you never overspend.

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Simplified procurement

With our dedicated solutions, EF-group will help simplify processes by bringing all components into one place.

From consolidated invoicing and supply chain management to Power BI-integrated dashboards and reporting - our system gives everyone from the kitchen to the head office greater visibility over products, orders, volumes and prices.

By integrating our systems with your own kitchen management system, your team will be empowered to refine processes and retain oversight of all moving parts of the operation.

Whether you need a procurement or menu management tool, we have you covered.


Boost your buying power with Freshmarkets

Manage every step of your supply chain, from order to invoice, in one simple-to-use system.


Stay compliant with CaterCloud

Manage your menus with the industry’s most flexible allergen, nutrition, menu planning and costing solution.

Our Suppliers

You can be assured that EF-group will build a compliant and ethical supply chain.

We’ll source and partner you with local, environmentally-minded suppliers who keep sustainable practices like Farm to Fork at the forefront of their operations. We’ll even show you how many food miles your order has travelled before it reaches you.

Alternatively, if you already have your own preferred suppliers, our systems support external integration.

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Case Study

Red Kite is a partnership of Yorkshire schools and institutions, across all phases of education. The alliance is made up of 13 schools, providing education provisions for more than 8,000 children from nursery up to sixth form.

EF-group partnered with Red Kite to revolutionise their menu planning and costing system, with an aim to control costs, cut admin time and ensure all allergens were effectively tracked.

Red Kite’s very specific needs required a partnership-first approach from EF-group, ensuring that all facets of the service were directly beneficial to all parties.

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iStock-1181032344 1

An early step of the process was the quick and efficient implementation of Freshmarkets. This allowed Red Kite to continue their ordering processes without interruption.

Red Kite were particularly keen to continue working with their tried-and-trusted food suppliers. Clever integration with Freshmarkets allowed the Trust to leverage our technology and still use their existing suppliers where desired.

The ongoing relationship saw EF-group donate 4,000 high-quality face masks to the Trust as they re-entered sites following the COVID-19 lockdown. Additionally, a number of ordering tablets were donated by EF-group, which the Trust utilised throughout their sites.

Changing the way Red Kite serves you


Over 500 hours of admin time per year has been saved


The number of invoices processed has been reduced by over 75%


Steady hand throughout difficult procurement situations

Extremely Beneficial Training

"Since working with EF-group, we have seen a huge time saving in kitchen management and a significant cost saving in purchasing, utilising their online solutions. The support and guidance from the experts at EF-group is extremely beneficial as is the training that they offer."

Louise Bullman Fmr Catering Dev Manager, Red Kite Learning Trust

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