Eliminate your paperwork mountain with Freshmarkets – no more paper invoices, no more human error, and a consolidation of all your orders into just one invoice!

Freshmarkets, powered by EF-group is our powerful and dynamic procurement system, that seamlessly fits into your business. Reducing your procurement costs is one benefit of working with us, but this is complimented by our total purchase-to-pay solution, which enables you to consolidate your invoicing, protect your cashflow and substantially reduce your purchasing administration.

With access to over 2,000 suppliers across the UK and with all your suppliers in one place, administering your supply chain is as simple as it would be if you had one single supplier. You can place multiple orders across multiple categories with suppliers who are performance managed in-house by us, saving time spent online or over the phone and giving you greater control and insight over suppliers and spend.

Choosing a solution like Freshmarkets will improve your bottom line and revolutionise your procurement by allowing you to make better financial decisions, resulting in more effective purchasing and improved cash flow management.

At EF-group we’ve also integrated SAP Business One to manage our invoice, billing and accounting procedures which allows us to act fast and make decisions based on real time information, helping us, and you, to drive profitable growth.

YHA currently use our Freshmarkets solution and enjoy the benefits of local supply without the admin burden and costs of managing a vast UK supplier network. This enables them to have visibility of all their sites individually but gives them the capability of placing one consolidated order online and provides them with access to a wealth of information to drive better, more cost-effective decision making.

John McGrath, Head of Enterprise & Procurement for YHA (England and Wales) said: “Freshmarkets allows YHA to enjoy the benefits of local supply without the mound of paper invoices and costs associated with managing such a large network.

Not only this but we’ve gained control of our purchasing that can be carefully monitored through the system, a real win-win situation.”

With EF-group you can save £000’s on your food and non-food spend whilst also drastically reducing your administration and invoice processing time – one invoice per month will cover all your purchasing!

If you’d like to know more and arrange a demonstration, please get in touch with our Group Sales Director Steve Walker, stevewalker@ef-group.co.uk or call him directly on 07837 212719.