Is it time to review the Top14 Allergens?

2024 marks 10 years since the introduction of the Allergen Laws. The changes in 2014 were introduced to reduce the risk of Allergy related incidents. Food Business Owners were required to review the recipes and must highlight any ingredients which fall under the named #top14allergens.

APP what is it and is this problematic?

Using added plant power (APP) in dishes like fillings, curries, and wet entrees can indeed offer several benefits, including encouraging healthier eating habits, being planet aware and potentially mitigating the high cost of meat. However, there are considerations regarding hidden allergens and cost that need to be addressed.

The power of a dynamic supply chain!

Are your procurement processes outdated and ready for a revamp? At EF-group we tune into your specific needs, tailoring the supply chain to meet your requirements. We can introduce you to our network of trusted supply chain partners and can also work with you to add your current supply chain partners to our active directory.

How caterers are approaching special diets

Since the launch of allergen regulations for food service in the UK in 2014 many businesses have, and continue to do, a policy that explains to customers that despite their excellent allergen management they cannot guarantee that any of their products are entirely allergen free.

UK Food School Standards explained…

The UK School Food Standards are a set of government guidelines that outline the nutritional requirements for food served in schools across the United Kingdom. These standards are designed to ensure that children receive healthy and balanced meals while at school.

Are you eating into your profit with every bite?

Ensuring students are served healthy, nutritious, and well-balanced meals is just one part of the job for a catering team in the education sector. Portion and serving size are especially important in education as school children have specific requirements for their nutrition and calorie intake to maintain a healthy lifestyle.