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Meet the industry’s most powerful tools for procurement and menu management.

Simplified purchasing, consolidated invoicing and live spend analysis. Menu, recipe and allergen management. Intuitive integration with leading back-office systems. We’ve got you covered.


The power of our network

Freshmarkets by EF-group lets you benefit from a local and national supply chain. We don’t do over-complicated, just streamlined processes that secure your business’ essentials in the fewest steps.

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Smooth, simple menu management and compliance

Around 21 million adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy. A single food safety error could cost your business dearly.

Don’t leave things to chance. Whether it’s cost control, nutrition and allergen management, menu planning or labelling, CaterCloud by EF-group means streamlined compliance, improved efficiencies and reduced food safety risks.

Cutting-edge platforms powered by EF-group

More than ever, modern businesses demand innovative thinking. By pairing market knowledge with our UK-based team, we’re continually improving and innovating our own products. That means we’re uniquely positioned to meet demand – whatever it is.

And we don’t stop there. Through teaming up with our partners, we provide consultancy, design, development and launch capabilities across all their business operations.

In other words, we’re always innovating.

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Struggling with results? Roadblocks and obstacles getting in the way? When you work with EF-group, you’ll receive streamlined solutions driven by our advanced technology – all tailored to take on the specific needs of your sector.

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