Are your procurement processes outdated and ready for a revamp?

At EF-group we tune into your specific needs, tailoring the supply chain to meet your requirements. We can introduce you to our network of trusted supply chain partners and can also work with you to add your current supply chain partners to our active directory. Our intuitive technology supports external integrations and will streamline your procurement processes, increasing efficiency in your day-to-day operations and revolutionising your buying power.

Imagine streamlined procurement that fits like a glove:

  • Flexibility:  having a dynamic and agile supply chain that allows your procurement team to adapt to changing market conditions, supplier capabilities, and end user demands quickly, enabling you to respond effectively to disruptions, such as natural disasters, geopolitical events, or changes in consumer preferences.
  • Risk Mitigation: Using a dynamic supply chain means you can diversify your supplier base, reducing dependency on a single point of failure, helping to mitigate the risks associated with supply chain disruptions.
  • Cost Efficiency: Gaining access to an agile supply chain enables optimisation of your current procurement processes and by using real-time data you can minimise your overall costs. Partnering with our procurement team will help to identify opportunities for cost savings, negotiating better terms with suppliers, and streamline procurement workflows.
  • Innovation: Working with dynamic and agile supply chain partners can foster collaborative and innovative relationships. Enabling all stakeholders to identify emerging trends, technologies, and best practices. This collaboration can lead to the continued development of our already game changing solutions, product enhancements, and cost-saving initiatives that drive competitive advantage.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Delivering efficiency and value for our clients is our key objective, our dedicated team and agile supply chain network enables us to meet customer demand effectively. We go beyond and then some to ensure our clients receive the very best care.   
  • Sustainability: Our supply chain expertise will support your sustainability goals by promoting responsible sourcing practices, reducing waste, and minimising environmental impact.  Partnering with environmentally conscious suppliers and implementing sustainable procurement practices, helps us all to make a positive impact to a more sustainable future.

Our secure P2P solution Freshmarkets, allows multi-supplier, multi-category ordering, and consolidated invoicing and with access to a local and national supply chain of over 2,000 suppliers, we make sure you get the right products at the right time. We pro-actively manage industry accreditations, compliance, security, traceability, quality assurance and delivery.

You can be assured that EF-group will build a compliant and ethical supply chain. We’ll source and partner you with local, environmentally minded suppliers who keep sustainable practices like Farm to Fork at the forefront of their operations.

We all benefit from our collective expertise, knowledge and trading power:

  • Clients benefit from access to our network of accredited suppliers and partners.
  • Suppliers benefit from proactive management and access to a dedicated and growing marketplace.

The power of our dynamic network is fuelled by everyone.

Transform your procurement process from mundane to marvellous with EF-group, because when logistics feel personal, business becomes a breeze!

Come and talk to Steve Walker, Group Sales Director to find out more:, 07837 212719