Feeling the pain in your supply chain?

If your supply chain is not meeting your needs, then it is time to find alternatives. At a time where price increases, stock availability and disruption are causing a negative impact, it is more important than ever that we secure and maintain a trusted supply chain.

Best practice to ensure hydration and nutrition in care

Working so closely with our care clients allows us to understand just how vital providing good hydration and nutritious food is in care settings, and with over three million people at risk of malnutrition in the UK, the importance of hydration and nutrition in care is crucial.

Experts in our field: humans behind the tech

When it comes to partnering with software solution providers, the choice can be challenging; many businesses provide the software, but what additional expertise can you leverage as part of your relationship? Here at EF-group, we pride ourselves on being real people and allowing our clients access to the humans behind the tech; read our blog to find out what extra benefits you can tap into just by having our team of experts on hand.

Top tips to meet your menu management budget

Increasing costs is something that none of us can hide from but as an industry that has been hit hard with the rising costs of not only utilities but food, ingredients, and services, just how can catering and hospitality businesses keep a track of profit margins?