Managing menus in any food business requires solid planning and preparation and nowhere is this more true than in hospital and healthcare environments. The multiple sites, changing patient numbers and various nutritional requirements means that managing menus quickly becomes a military operation.

The arrival of digital menu software has revolutionised catering processes in multiple ways. Centrally controlled software allows users to make real-time changes that can be implemented across single or multiple sites at the same time without a stop in production and ensures your kitchen teams can quickly access updated recipes and menus easily in one place.

Alongside the benefits seen in the kitchen, the software also gives hospital & healthcare catering teams the ability to reach a wider patient base, quicker and gives the freedom to change dining themes whenever you please, especially helpful around times of celebration. There is of course the added benefit of speedier patient ordering through tablet devices and a large reduction in heavy menu printing costs.  

QR codes once resigned to the tech world have had a massive revival since the Covid pandemic and are now visible almost everywhere, giving consumers up to date information on products, allergens, or available menus.

Using digital options for menu planning, costing, and allergen tracking is now critical for all foodservice providers and with the introduction of legislation such as Natasha’s Law, it is now vital that catering businesses are protecting themselves with food safety software. Having the compliance taken care of by your menu management software allows catering teams more time to concentrate on producing great food whilst giving you peace of mind that your business remains fully protected.

There’s a long list of benefits for using menu management software which includes essential menu planning to ensure you are operating within cost and running a profitable business, some of the other advantages of using digital software are:

    • Standardisation of menus across multiple sites, so customers receive the same level of service throughout your chain
    • Standardisation of portion size
    • Tracking of macro and micronutrients to ensure nutritious meals
    • Track RDA’s (RI – Reference intakes)
    • Provide compliant labelling for PPDS goods
    • Own brand menu customisation
    • Reduction in admin and hours (devising a menu, tracking suppliers, ingredients/allergens)
    • Real-time data on allergens, GP, cost to serve, stock and much more
    • The ability to streamline or expand menu choices when you choose

    There’s lots to take in and multiple options, so how do you choose the right software for your business?

    CaterCloud, powered by EF-group, is the only menu management tool you will ever need. It will enable your teams to manage menus, food safety (HACCP controls – compliant label printing), portion control, costs, and GP tracking, giving you a complete overview of your operation.

    Competitive pricing, industry leading functionality, no up-front or costly upload fees, and no complicated hoops for you to jump through. Just a user-friendly interface with live chat and phone support and a dedicated team that are passionate about helping you do right by the people in your care.

    To revolutionise your menu management, why not start a free trial with CaterCloud or contact us and book a free demo: email us at or phone us on 0161 441 3443.