Changing the face of our brand, culture and client experience has been high on our agenda for the last 24 months. Digital transformation covers a wide span of activity from process evolution to launching new websites and client concepts, so what does it mean to us and why is now the right time? 

Rewind to December 2020, the world starts to resurface (for a short while!) and the online landscape has changed significantly in the months before. We’ve spent most of the year digging deep, reacting to client and supplier challenges that have never before been seen and adapting to a new way of working that skyrocketed our business from good to great in a matter of moments. Our teams had found creative and innovative ways to tackle problems new and old whilst navigating the changing landscape of our industry and did we mention we also completed the acquisition of our software business Air Publishing?!  

We had grown up, spread our wings and enhanced our capabilities almost overnight and our online presence, digital footprint and cultural vision was no longer up to scratch, it didn’t reflect the stronger, more experienced and bolstered business we had become, and so the need for transformation landed. 

For many businesses digital transformation can consist of:

  • Customer experience: what is their journey like, how can this be streamlined, what are key customer touch points and do we need them all?
  • Operational policies and procedures: are our processes and procedures easy to follow, are we available in the right channels, what will make them easier?
  • Culture and leadership: are our vision and values aligned, are our teams fully trained and empowered, do our teams understand the role that they play in achieving the overall vision? 
  • Digital technology integration and innovation: are our systems user-friendly, how can our customers find us, can all potential software integrate and is there a better way of operating systems and processes? 

It was evident that the core elements of focus for us were our digital presence and the way we presented our brand and what we do both internally and externally, our objective from the start was clear. Off we went in search of a design agency that could get under the skin of who we are and how we needed to present ourselves and after taking their expertise and advice on board we signed up for a full brand transformation plan. Months of client, partner and team interviews, brand discovery workshops and industry research led to the ‘big reveal’ of the new us from our agency Banc. And boy were we excited!

After significant financial investment, a lot of team input and a whole heap of hard work we’re now days away from the launch of a complete brand refresh, a new dynamic look and feel and a confident tone of voice that unleashes, defines and showcases our story, who we are, what we do and why we do it so incredibly well! It’s confident, it’s bold, it’s authentic and it’s un-apologetically us. 

We’re so proud to have been on this journey and are excited to share EF 2.0 but it’s more than that for us, it’s a milestone in our history that celebrates 20 years of building a trusted, expert brand who are leaders in our field. It’s confirmation that the decisions we’ve made, our vision and our strategy have all been right and it’s us confidently shouting to the industry that we are bigger and stronger than ever before with expanded product catalogues, enhanced software solutions and knowledgeable, real people that care – our incredible humans behind the tech.  

We’ll be sharing more soon about how we’re measuring ROI, the data behind the fun stuff and what stats businesses should be monitoring when working on digital transformation projects but for now we’re just excited to enter a new era and share the new us with the world… launch plans initiated, countdown begun!