Gemma May Spilling

It has been six months since we launched our new website to the world, our new look and feel was well received and the site itself has grabbed lots of attention, so you would be forgiven for thinking that our marketing teams work was already done… not a chance!

So, if shiny new websites, a fresh new brand, upgraded collateral and videography to match is not enough then just what are our marketing team up to next?! Read on to see what our Marketing Manager, Gemma Spilling has planned next in the world of customer communications and lead generation.

How to level up with digital marketing

Our business is moving forward, at a rapid pace, the legacy systems and processes we once had in marketing are no longer fit for purpose and with the digital world evolving almost daily, word of mouth is no longer enough. Personal relationships, recommendations and networking remain our key lead generation mechanism, it is who we are and how we were formed but with a deeper appreciation for how technology can support our marketing strategy we were looking at ways for tech to complement our human touch.

HubSpot CRM software increases leads, organises our contacts, designs and builds personalised customer communications and helps us to better serve our clients, and now we are integrating it with our new website – another tick on our digital marketing roadmap!

Utilising and integrating with the HubSpot Marketing Hub means that our marketing tools and data will be on one easy-to-use, powerful platform. It will allow us to provide a more personalised experience for our current clients and will tailor specific content that is relevant to them. It will also boost our ability to attract and convert new clients at a larger scale, complimenting our on the road sales team.

HubSpot unites both Sales and Marketing in a more structured manner building deeper connections with our customers so we can get better results. It provides sharper insight and knowledge by connecting data from e-mail campaigns, sales leads, and our customer contact system.

Like any new project it is important to have access to subject matter experts who can guide us in the right direction. We have partnered with Six and Flow, who are a global growth agency with HubSpot Elite Partner status, and we are in the process of persona building, creating nurturing tactics such as behaviour automation and re-targeting and looking at content and workflows and triggers. It is a project our Marketing team have been wanting to get their teeth into for a while!

Historically our Marketing team have created and published our content, built our SEO, created email communications, and managed social media channels using multiple software, the new Marketing Hub will allow us to do all of this and more on one platform.

So, it is time for us to ditch our old playbooks and some of the older, more traditional marketing methods and move forward on our digital marketing, playing to our strengths. HubSpot, in our opinion, is the best inbound software so it is the perfect platform to align our marketing efforts. And with Six and Flow being an Elite Partner with in-depth knowledge, they were a smart choice to help us along the journey.

This is not the only software integration to hit EF-group, we are constantly evolving and after reviewing multiple business processes and procedures we have recently introduced SAP Business One and Horizon Contact Telephony software. More details to follow on those…

Interested to know more about how to digitally transform your marketing then speak to our Marketing Manager, Gemma Spilling:, who is a bit of a HubSpot super fan!

Gemma May Spilling