HC-One Development Day at Food Sorcery in Manchester

Long hours, multiple plates (in all senses!) spinning and new legislation being frequently tipped into the mix, here at EF-group we know that there is more to being a chef than just cooking. That’s why we work with each of our clients to provide support, guidance and a pinch of fun to help ease the never-ending pile of pressure that chefs are under.

Read on to find out about one of our key initiatives designed specifically for your kitchen team.

Being a chef in the healthcare industry brings a set of challenges not found in any other kitchen, from understanding how to provide appetising meals for patients suffering with dysphasia to maintaining CPRD (cost per resident per day) controls, we know that getting the food on the plate is sometimes the easiest part of the day.

Our team of healthcare experts work directly with your chefs to help them curate cost-effective menus with flavour and nutrition to match, we provide technical solutions to maintaining CPRD, we support with full allergen and nutrition training and provide the market insights needed to understand how to manage menus on a budget.

All of this supports the chef’s day to day, but we step our services up another level by also providing bespoke development days specifically for chefs and kitchen staff.

We work together with our clients to create an informative day aimed at developing their skills in and out of the kitchen. From practical cookery sessions experimenting with new products to open discussions chef-to-chef so they can cross-share skills and experience, each of our development days are bespoke to the client and their team’s needs. We can even include formal training on topics such as IDSSI and we dedicate time to answering any questions they may have about our software and how they can make it work harder for them in their kitchen day to day.

Our team will source an incredible culinary venue, book cookery demonstrations, invite suppliers and key speakers and work alongside the client to produce a fun but informative agenda that enables their teams to grow and hone their skills and knowledge.

Stephen Gallagher, our Executive Director, who has spent a number of years working closely with our care sector partners said: “We are extremely passionate about working in collaboration with clients and our development days have been a remarkable success. They are a chance for chefs to experiment, learn new products and most importantly, learn from each other.”.

With the current and ever-changing demand for vegetarian food, gluten-free menu options, plant-based diets and much more, we know it can be an on-going struggle to keep up with new food trends and changing needs – we offer our expertise to help your chefs stay inspired and confident and with our CaterCloud, powered by EF-group solution, we can help keep your chefs compliant with all current and upcoming legislation and provide access to a live allergy and nutrition database to minimise food safety risks.

The development days are a huge motivational tool for our clients and allow them to continuously invest in their people, showcasing how committed they are to supporting their teams with the right tools to not only produce outstanding food for the people in their care but to focus on personal growth too.

To find out more about our solutions, expertise and added value services, please contact our team here.