Head Office Customer Service Team
When it comes to partnering with software solution providers the choice can be challenging, many businesses provide the software but what additional expertise can you leverage as part of your relationship. Here at EF-group we pride ourselves on being real people and allowing our clients access to the humans behind the tech, read on to find out what extra benefits you can tap in to just by having our team of experts on hand. 

Our CaterCloud solution is the industry’s leading menu management platform, but behind this sits a whole team of dedicated specialists who are all Level 3 Allergen Awareness trained, this means that not only can they help you with technical aspects of the system but they can also provide information and advice for any allergen related queries.

The team have a huge depth of knowledge and experience in the catering industry, from auditors and former chefs to contract catering company owners and customer service. They work closely with all our clients across a variety of catering sectors including Care, Education, Hospitality, Events, Contract Catering and beyond. This experience enables us to have a broad and detailed understanding of our clients’ requirements, these requirements are then communicated to our in-house software development team allowing us to constantly improve and enhance the system to benefit as many catering businesses as possible.

We are also partnered with the industry’s leading light on all things allergens, we work closely with Allergen Accreditation to ensure we stay on top of all legal requirements and legislation changes, being flexible and agile in our responses to ensure our system provides you with all the tools to ensure compliance, whilst remaining streamlined and efficient so you can continue to focus your attention on your catering standards.

Through our Freshmarkets procurement solution, we are also linked to hundreds of key accredited UK suppliers (local, regional and national), so that our clients can be confident that the information we provide, as part of the CaterCloud system, is accurate and up-to-date. We take pride and care in our relationship with our suppliers, monitoring both performance and compliance with catering legislation and service level agreements.

Our suppliers provide us with all the relevant nutrition and allergen information for the products they supply, meaning that with CaterCloud you have access to our curated supplier lists for quick and easy import of ingredients. Our curated supplier ingredient lists are complete with automatic updates to nutritional information or allergen profiles. These updates transpose through all your recipes, dishes, and menus without any manual intervention from you.

We know your chefs work hard, so were here to support and make things a little easier for them, so together we’ll curate cost-effective menus with flavour and nutrition to match and maintain CPRD using our solutions to solve the toughest problems, plus we also provide developmental support days to get your chefs up to speed on key market products and trends and help hone their skills with tailored training sessions.

And we don’t stop there! Our system can help you manage budgets and food margins, reduce waste, and minimise risk, ultimately protecting your business.

We are here to support you and help take a bit of the pressure off, so contact us for a chat: https://ef-group.co.uk/contact/