As the UK and continental fresh produce supply chain continues to be severely impacted due to the difficult weather conditions seen in Europe and North Africa, just what can procurement businesses do to support their clients?

The current issues are affecting both the yields and size of available products with fruit and vegetable stock suffering the most. Salad items such as tomatoes and cucumbers are in short supply along with apples, broccoli and root vegetables. You’d have to be living like a mushroom to not know about the current challenges as the media are reporting that product rations are in place across multiple UK supermarkets and with high demand and limited availability, price increases seem inevitable.

Here at EF-group we have a team of purchasing & supply chain experts that have built incredible relationships with our suppliers, this ensures our clients are able to still access a wide range of fresh produce. By using their knowledge of the market & products our purchasing team work hand in hand with our account managers to review available product alternatives.

We are continually researching, gathering market insights and staying on top of trends to keep our clients informed every step of the way.

With the situation set to continue for at least the next few weeks, it’s vital that we’re keeping our clients informed. We’re fine-tuned into their needs so we know that whatever the issue(s), we still need to supply them with quality produce to allow them to continue providing their residents, students and customers with fresh and nutritious meals. Our teams have been working directly with our clients to refine menus in their care homes, restaurants & schools based on product availability and we’re providing them with frequent communications around alternative or similar products to ensure there is minimal impact

The foundation of our business is built upon the strength of our powerful local and national supply chains that provide added security and full product traceability.

It’s not only systems we offer, but also that value-added human touch that makes us stand out! Our team are on hand 24/7 and all our clients have a dedicated Account Manager and supply chain owner to give them peace of mind that we’re with them every step of the way. Our knowledge, expertise, and market foresight in all sectors, make us the ideal partner.

Commenting on his partnership with EF-group, John McGrath, Head of Enterprise and Procurement procurement at YHA, said: “Through EF-group, we have our ideal supply chain and support at site level – something that is essential as some sites really are off the beaten track and need special arrangements to get supplies to them.”

We really do go the extra mile and then some!

Steve McFall, National Accounts Director