Our in-depth knowledge of the care and senior living sector means we understand our clients needs inside and out. We know that chefs face challenges daily in providing healthy, nutritious, fortified food that is suited to residents with dementia, dysphagia and other conditions.

Ensuring dignity in dining is their top priority, whilst also ensuring they remain RDA and CQC-compliant.

So how do we help to lighten the load?

This week we caught up with David Orlicki, our CaterCloud Assistant Manager to find out about the amazing work our team do with clients in the care and senior living sector…

Working directly with our clients and their chefs, we curate cost-effective menus to maintain set CPRD targets, with flavour and nutrition to match. Our powerful menu planning solution, CaterCloud, currently hosts a bank of 250 recipes (and counting!), suited for care home caterers that can be easily adapted for every skill set and catering environment.

We spend time with chefs to understand just what they need to make their lives easier. There are different ways we can help, and each client uses our skills to suit them, some provide us with targets and templates and use our in-house chefs experience to create a recipe book and menu from scratch. Recently, we undertook a large piece of work for Akari Care who provided us with meal categories for their daily menus along with their CPRD and nutritional targets. We used this info to create a bespoke fit for all their homes.

So how does the feature work within CaterCloud?

Easy! We use ingredients from your approved buying list, this is either stored in our procurement system, Freshmarkets or can be supplied to us from your own in-house list. These ingredients are then used to create the recipes and dishes for your menus. Once created, you can drag and drop the dishes into our Weekly Meal Planner tool.

The tool’s drag and drop feature allows us to quickly populate a weekly meal plan and, using a traffic light system gives an instant view of CPRD and nutritional targets. This allows us to chop, change, mix and match to ensure we hit your goals.  

All your homes will have access to the same supplier information, ingredients, recipe banks and meal planners, and the system allows you to add your bespoke HACCP profile for each operation so there is no stone left unturned. It is like having your very own compliance auditor in the kitchen!

We thrive on working directly with clients, it enables us to problem solve and find solutions to daily challenges which leads to our in-house UK-based development team designing and building new system features and enhancements. That’s why our platforms are constantly evolving allowing us to pass those benefits on to you by saving you time and money.

To find out more about CaterCloud, you can contact our team directly by using our live chat feature on the website here, or you can call us on 0161 441 3443 or email support@catercloud.com