CaterCloud is now bigger than ever before with more enhanced features, greater system capabilities and an updated user interface.

In the past year we have seen huge developments across our CaterCloud system, not only with keeping it in line with current and upcoming legislation including Natasha’s Law labelling but developing our tools with our clients in mind such as the allergen matrix to support our clients with allergen management.

A new era of CaterCloud kicks in from 1 February 2023, and we will now be operating an extremely competitive and simple pricing structure that enables a low-cost monthly charge for each user, and the pricing allows full access to all the systems features, such as:

  • Micronutrients: Extended tracking of nutrients and reporting against set targets
  • Allergen Matrix: Online and printable version of allergen/sub-allergen’s showing within your menu selection
  • Margin Calculator: Control your business profit margin with our interactive GP% margin calculator within your recipe builder
  • Weekly meal planners: Creation of interactive drag and drop weekly menus with costs and nutritional analysis
  • Ingredient upload: Automated bulk upload of your supplier ingredient data
  • CPRD reporting: A dedicated feature for our clients in the healthcare sector based on care home occupancy, forecast & post meal consumption to control costs
  • Multi-site management: Manage multiple outlets with set permission levels
  • Natasha’s Law Compliant Label Printing: For pre-packaged for direct sale goods (PPDS)
  • Compound Ingredients: An automated upload feature with automatic bolding & allergen identification
  • QR Code Menus: Allowing your customers to remotely view full allergen, nutritional and calorific information

These are just a few of the many features available, to find out more about CaterCloud’s system features please check out our features page here.

“We’ve been using EF-group’s powerful allergen and menu management system, CaterCloud, and it has enabled us to provide consistent guidance on menus for our chefs so they can cater for our residents’ individual needs and requirements, it’s helped us to control our budgets, effectively manage allergens and stay compliant with all legislative law. We also switched our purchasing across to e-f group’s Freshmarkets solution and had substantial projected savings, just what we needed prior to these challenging times.”

MHA (Methodist Homes Association), one of EF-group’s Care clients

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