CaterCloud’s Weekly Meal Planning

We’re forever understanding the potential our technology has to transform our clients’ business operations and with the growing challenges faced within the education sector, this week we’re focussing on how our solutions can help solve increasing issues for catering professionals working within education.

CaterCloud, powered by EF-group, is our dynamic menu management solution that helps schools, colleges, universities, and academies create varied, balanced menus based on dietary needs and RDA’s, control and reduce costs and deliver complete compliance and peace of mind.

Our feature rich platform benefits any education setting, so they can focus on what really matters: ‘fuelling young minds’, Key features within the system are:

  • Weekly meal planners: creation of interactive drag and drop weekly menus with average costs and nutritional analysis
  • Natasha’s Law compliant label printing: for all pre-packaged for direct sale goods (PPDS) such as ‘grab-n-go’ sandwiches, fruit pots etc, including integration with Planglow’s Label Logic Live and Daymark’s Menu Command systems
  • QR Code menus: allowing your customers or parents to remotely view and share full allergen, nutritional and calorific information
  • Customisable RDA Profiles: which can applied to children/students with specific dietary requirements to check meals/menus are suitable for them
  • Order Lists: creation of order lists based on what dishes are required for the weeks’ menu and how many portions are needed

Additionally, our system can also integrate with other cloud-based software such as CYPAD.

We understand that the changing legislations and emerging dietary requirements can be difficult to stay ahead of and that’s why we work with our client’s kitchen teams to become professionally certified through our long-standing relationship with Allergen Accreditation. Additionally, we also have access to a Certified Allergen Management programme, keeping your teams up to date with important legislation and food safety requirements. This certification allows businesses to demonstrate that they have safe catering practices and are providing a safe environment for hypersensitive customers.

We are proud to be in partnership with LACA, Anaphylaxis UK, Allergen Accreditation and ISBA, and always search for opportunities to pioneer innovation, ensuring we’re giving you the best expertise across the board.

Our client, Red Kite Learning Trust, who are a partnership of Yorkshire schools and institutions, across all phases of education and is made up of 13 schools, providing education provisions for more than 8,000 children from nursery up to sixth form.

Their very specific needs required a partnership-first approach from us, working with them we revolutionised their menu planning and costing process enabling them to control costs, cut admin time, ensure all allergens were effectively tracked and remain fully compliant.

Our competitive and simple pricing structure enables a low-cost monthly charge for each user and allows full access to all systems features.  CaterCloud really is the only menu management tool you’ll ever need!

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